Sentimental baking for the holidays with Mrs. Smiths Signature Deep Dish Pies

Is it too early to be missing the holidays already? This time of year is so tough; the lights and the cheer are gone and they’ve been replaced with depressing cold and snowy weather and fewer days off of work. The kids, now used to their Thanksgiving-then-Christmas weeks off are forced to face full weeks at school. Poor things – ha! This is the time when we should be baking and decorating cookies and singing carols and decorating. This is the time when we should be baking delicious fruit and pumpkin pies!

Dutch Apple with Caramel Sauce, Cherry with Butter Fudge Sauce, Peach and Pumpkin, both drizzled with Cream Cheese icing – this is what we should be celebrating! Mrs. Smith’s even makes their crust with real butter so they’re rich and flaky, just as if you made them at home. In fact, you can pop one in the oven tonight, hide the box, and tell them it’s homemade; we won’t tell.

baking-Dutch Apple Pie My favorite is the Dutch Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce. It’s so rich and delicious and really tastes homemade. Just the smell of it baking lifted our winter spirits! Once baked, you can store the leftovers (likely, there are none of these, but just in case) in the fridge for up to two days. It’s apple, so really it makes a great breakfast, right?

The pumpkin was great, too. We actually cooked a ‘mock-Thanksgiving’ dinner one night and it was the perfect finish. We cooked a turkey breast in the slow cooker all day and made stuffing and sweet potatoes to go along with it. We finished with the pumpkin pie, topped with a little whipped cream, and it was a delicious Thanksgiving meal all over again, minus most of the work and all of the stress.

We’d love to help your family cozy up to a fresh baked pie so we’re giving one lucky As Mom Sees It reader a coupon for a free Mrs. Smith’s Signature Deep Dish Pie and a $50 gift card to Williams-Sonoma!

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