Hot Rod Diggity Dog! Exclusive Sneak Peek At Mickey And The Roadster Racers

Mickey and the Roadster Racers hasn’t yet aired on Disney Jr., but it hasn’t stopped my 6-year-old race fan from singing the theme song! The new show is set to air on Sunday, January 15 at 9:00 a.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel and Disney Junior and includes hilarious Mickey and the gang antics, celebrity cameos, and, of course, RACING!

Gone are the days when racing was just for boys – now it’s for any Disney fan who loves the silliness and – dare I say it? – the GOOFY-ness of Mickey and the gang!

Executive Producers Mark Seidenberg and Rob LaDuca have quite an impressive background in Disney and have helped to create some of our favorite childhood shows, including Gummi Bears, Wuzzles, and Muppet Babies. Now, with Mickey and the Roadster Racers, they’re bringing the love of racing, and of Mickey and his gang, to a whole new generation.

Expanding on Mickey Mouse Club House Road Rally, the team looked at every character and their cars, designed to fit their personality.



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“We gave Mickey a classic ho trod. It’s his normal car from Clubhouse, and then it turns into this classic American Roadster,” they said. “Goofy’s personality, being so goofy, if his car could transform, what would it transform into? A bathtub! And Minnie being elegant and into fashion, we went with kind of a bow car, but basically the design comes from a French car called a Delahaye that had very smooth curves, and looked kinda like a bow.”

Daisy’s love for flowers was translated into her dragster and since Donald is a sailor, they created the cabin cruiser, which is the only roadster, they pointed out, which can go on land and in the water.

The Happy Helpers Daisy and Minnie in their Roadster Racers
Disney Junior/David Moir

For inspiration, Seidenberg and LaDuca went to different car collections to develop the show, and one of the biggest thrills, they told us, was Big Daddy Roth who is known for his customized cars. They also looked at the cars of George Barris, who designed The Batmobile and the Addam’s Family car.

“And then, the ultimate car collection we really wanted to see was Jay Leno’s car collection,” they guys said. Leno himself gave the team a tour of his over 300 car collection. He also agreed to be voice Billy Beagle, the race announcer.

And, for your earworm today…

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