Hotel review: Holiday Inn French Quarter not ideal for romance

Many parents find it difficult to make time for themselves these days. Once we’ve paid for a babysitter, dinner, a movie and whatever activities we can squeeze into the short period of time we have available, we’re in the hole for what feels like hundreds of dollars and we spend the rest of the month paying it off.

Recently, we had the chance to get away for an evening following a birthday party that I organized for my love. Though it wasn’t really in our budget, I thought a night at a local hotel would give us much needed rest – without the screams and bed jumps of kids – and the feeling of vacation without leaving town. I’ve always had luck with Holiday Inn hotels and as a higher rated, higher priced one in our area, our local Holiday Inn French Quarter seemed like the right choice!

Holiday Inn French Quarter
photo courtesy of Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn French Quarter has a fun New Orleans feel to it, with decorative spiral staircases, open lobby, and private room entrances that feel as though your stepping in off Bourbon Street.

Holiday Inn French Quarter
So, the giant jester face is a little creepy, but the overall feel of the hotel is fun and really makes you feel like you’re on vacation, walking the streets of New Orleans. Unless you’ve ever been to New Orleans; then you know you’re just in a hotel, but it’s charming nonetheless. The best fake New Orleans you’ll find in the Toledo area.

Holiday Inn French Quarter
What you see above is the view from our room. There are two private entrances – one from the main hallway and one from the Holidome, or pool and game area. It’s only once we got in our room that we felt that we were in a hotel; a sad, dingy hotel room.

Holiday Inn French Quarter
The beds were comfortable, but the room was in need of updates and repairs. The ceiling in the bathroom was peeling and cracking in several places, including above the sink and shower. The shower stall itself looked new and very clean, and we can’t speak of the shower head because we didn’t use it while there.

Holiday Inn French Quarter
When making my reservation, I chose the best option they had listed online. Because this was a special night of celebration, I also confirmed with the desk when I checked in that this was the best room they had available. She assured me it was, and that it was on the adults-only floor. Could this mean that we would be able to sleep without kids screaming as I’d hoped? No, it certainly did not. And I can’t believe the room pictured above – our room – was the best one available.

The “adults-only” included a couple entering their room across from us with a toddler and a baby and was right next to the family pool so early that morning, we heard screaming kids from both sides of our room. I have kids, so I’ve nothing against them, but I paid extra to avoid these familiar sounds for one day. We also tried to repeatedly access the internet with warnings from our smartphone of “unstable connection” and “lost connection” that I’ve rarely experienced elsewhere.

Holiday Inn French Quarter
Their heating and cooling system was terribly outdated and didn’t work easily. The knobs just kept turning and turning and half of the air was cold, the other hot. It was a frustrating and uncomfortable night. We tried ordering room service in the morning, which ended up being the biggest joke of the trip. The “Room Service” button directed us to the restaurant who told us we’d have to call directly. We found the direct number in the menu, but there was no answer. We called the front desk which directed us back to the restaurant who finally told us there was no room service because of the Sunday buffet.

Holiday Inn French Quarter, located in Perrysburg in the Toledo, OH area, has very nice facilities for a meeting or banquet facility but is far from a romantic staycation.

*I was not compensated for this review in any way

8 thoughts on “Hotel review: Holiday Inn French Quarter not ideal for romance”

  • That’s ridiculous how much they put into the outside/ lobby of the hotel, yet couldn’t give you a nice room? ick! I would of definitely complained and demanded my money back!
    I hope they consider updating the rooms before their ‘look’ next time around!

    • That’s true! The outside seemed very nice but it doesn’t seem they’ve made any improvements inside. I travel a lot and I see many hotels. I wondered if perhaps I was just used to better hotels, but for the cost compared to others in the area, this should have been nicer.

      Thanks for the comment!

    • Thanks, I wish there were better hotels in the area. I assumed this was the best. We could have complained to management, but they weren’t problems that could have been easily fixed, like dirty towels. Thanks for the comment!

  • I haven’t been there since my “honeymoon” in 1994. My mom and dad reserved my now ex-husband and I a room the night of our wedding and it was also on the “adults only” floor. We had a arriving late reservation and my mom had specified that we were newlyweds. The ex and I got there around 1am and they gave us a hassle about coming in that late. I guess they didn’t notice that I was in a wedding dress and he was in a tux. Anyway, my mom was told that there would be a special “newlywed” basket in our room upon arrival as well. Got the front desk issue cleared up, went to our room and it looked just like the one you were in. There was no basket anywhere. At that point, I was so tired, I just wanted to get my shoes off and go to sleep. The next morning, we left and went home where I told my mom about our lovely experience. She was livid and called the next business day and raised hell. We were given a free night, but not on the “adults only” floor because they had written down that we were both under 21 the first time we were there. (He was 19 and I was 17). And they also said that the “newlywed” basket didn’t apply to us because we were minors. My mom tried to argue that they were discriminating against us because we were young. I told her to drop it, that it wasn’t that big of a deal. Ever since then, I have had no desire to go there again to stay. My friend and I have gone there once or twice for drinks because she had heard there was a good band playing. I don’t plan on going there again…I think if I were going to spend the money for a nice get a way for the boyfriend and I, I’d probably splurge and go to The Bellimere Suites in Perrysburg. My mom and dad went there for their 35 yr anniversary and she was super impressed with the room and service.

  • We have stayed in Holiday Inn French Quarter’s executive concierge wing and it was positively fabulous!

    We had a first class room with turn down service and additional free amenities in the room. There was also a gathering room at the end of the hallway that a full bar service, TV’s, Couches and an antique pool table. It was like walking into someones personal bar & billiards room! It was serviced by a very pleasant concierge attendant as well.

    They had early evening snacks and hot breakfast in the morning available to you without having to leave your floor.

    If it is a Quiet get away, that is where you want to stay. The main part of the Hotel is geared around families and activities.

    We found it a great experience!

    • I’m so glad to hear you had a great experience, and hope that our was an isolated issue, for sure. Thanks for sharing – we’ll certainly give the French Quarter another try because there seem to be many positives to the hotel.

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