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My cat is extremely active. Let me clarify that by active, I mean that she actively pursues us up the stairs to bite our ankles. She actively jumps onto the couch to smack me with her paws. She actively hides under my chair so that can bite my toes and scratch at my legs. I’m not sure why, but we still love her, enough that we rescued her from abandonment at a local veterinarian’s office.

Animals are not an inexpensive love, between the vet bills and, in our case, the bandages, but we love her and still want to make sure she stays active – preferably not actively psycho – so we make sure to give her food that is all-natural and grain-free cat food, like Purina® Beyond®.


Purina® Beyond® pet foods have no added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and real fish or poultry is the first and main ingredient in their dry and paté foods. This is important, especially for pets with food sensitivities or those with special dietary needs. 


Purina® Beyond® pet foods are different from others because they’re an expert formulation of natural ingredients that have been sourced from trusted suppliers. You can even go on the Purina® Beyond® pet foods website and get information on their process for sourcing their ingredients, learn from their staff nutritionists, learn about how they monitor safety and quality, how they meet and exceed industry standards and more. I’ve never seen a pet food company that transparent about that products, so what does that tell you?

The awesome, and easy to find, Purina® Beyond® display at Meijer.

How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Active & Healthy

Having dogs and outside cats is a little easier when it comes to making sure they get their exercise, but what do you do if you have an inside cat?

  • Encourage their hunting instinct. For us, this means letting Penelope attack us. Relentlessly. Otherwise, we find toys that move quickly or toys like string, cat wands, or interactive toys that they can chase are perfect for inside kitties.



She does not like to told what to do. Like, at all. #psycho #catsofinstagram #yesisnorted

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  • Plant grass or catnip indoors. If you’ve brought the joys of the great outdoors inside your home, they’re less likely to roam. A happy cat will be grateful – just kidding, they won’t care – but at least they’ll be happy. And, if they’re biting grass or catnip, then that’s less time they have to bite you. 
  • Along those same lines, placing bird and squirrel feeders near windows will keep them in a stalking mood which keeps them healthy and happy. If you don’t have the type of window sills that kitty can sit on, get a few window perches for your cat to sit on.
  • Scratching posts are awesome for indoor cats! They expend a lot of energy, remove bits of worn claws if they’ve not been declawed, and is a fun way for them to play.


Summertime is an active time for your family and for you so shouldn’t your pets be just as active? And, if you’re keeping them active, make sure you’re keeping your pets healthy buy feeding them all natural, grain free Purina® Beyond® available at your local Meijer store.


Purchase Purina® Beyond® grain free pet food and treats from June 7- June 23 and Meijer ‘mPerks’ shoppers will be able to take advantage of special savings on Purina Beyond products:

  • Save $1 on any bag of Beyond Dog Treats
  • Save $2 on any bag Beyond Dry Dog
  • Save $2 on any bag Beyond Dry Cat
  • Buy 2 Beyond Purees Save $2
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  • Buy 4 Beyond wet cat 3 oz and Save $1

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We’d love to hear from you! What’s your favorite way to keep your pets active and healthy?

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  • Our cat plays fetch- there are these plastic ‘squiggles’ we buy on Amazon in packs of 10 and they react like metal springs, bouncing everywhere with a swat, and even clinging to our cat’s paws (like it’s ‘attacking’ her!) She likes to drop them on us in bed when it’s item to play! #client

    • That’s a great idea! I’m always looking for toys that she enjoys and keeps her distracted from torturing me 🙂

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