How To Make Money Learning About (And Drinking) Wine!

I have many loves in my life – my kids, my husband, my job – and among those is wine. If you’re like me and enjoy a glass or two of a refreshing white or fruity red, then I have excellent news for you!

Your love for, or even an interest in, wine could not only help you learn more about different wine varieties, how to correctly taste wine, which foods to pair with which wines, and more, but it could also put a little cash in your pocket.

How to earn money drinking wine

Traveling Vineyard is a special direct sales company that lets people earn a flexible income by doing what they love; sharing their passion for wine with friends! They have launched thousands of Wine Guides into successful work at home jobs, because unlike other direct selling concepts, everybody likes to relax, enjoy and taste some free wine.

The company has more than 5,000 Wine Guides across the country that have discovered the fulfillment, friendship, flexibility, financial reward and fun that comes with educating others about great-tasting wines. And they’re looking to double that number and get YOU involved! Imagine that your job involves getting a bunch of friends together to taste some wine, have fun, and learn about pairing and just exactly how to pronounce words like Nero D’Avola and Pinotage.

Each bottle of wine has a QR code that has information on pairing and taste

You’ll also learn how to pair wines with popular foods or how to find that dish that goes perfectly with that special bottle of wine you’ve been saving. You’ll even learn why serving licorice or Macadamia nuts with your wine can enhance its flavors. Yeah, that’s a thing.

Each bottle of wine from Traveling Vineyard also features a site, Sommology Key and a QR code. Scan the QR code for taste information, cost, reviews, and more about the wine. You guys – HOW COOL IS THIS?

How Traveling Vineyard Works

Becoming a Wine Guide is easy—there is a small upfront investment, the company provides you with all of the tools that you need to host your first tasting, and there are no sales quotas to meet or requirement to purchase inventory.

After you you receive your initial inventory, you’ll be assigned a leader in your area. You can even shadow their tasting events, which will give you insight and fun ideas to host your own events. You have instant and ongoing access to all of our training modules, which include introductions to our wines, instructions on building a team and growing a business, videos on how to conduct a tasting, and much more.

You can also attend the annual Traveling Vineyard Harvest! There’s dancing, wine-tasting, and costume competitions – of course! You’ll also treated to training sessions designed to help Wine Guides advance their understanding of wine, of business development, and of entrepreneurship.

The Traveling Vineyard Success Kit

The Traveling Vineyard Success Kit

Once you sign up as a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, you’ll receive your Success Kit. It’s a really awesome kit and has everything you need to get started!

  • 2 Tasting Sets of 5 bottles each – enough for your first two events
  • Tasting glasses and a carrying box
  • 6-bottle wine carrier
  • Business paperwork – order forms, start-up guide
  • Marketing materials – brochures and flyers
  • Wine accessories (these are awesome – includes things like a wine save and magic decanter!)
  • Sommology Kit – a training program and cheat sheet all in one

Periodically, you’ll restock your order forms and Tasting Sets, but it’s a sizable kit to help you create fun parties.

Traveling Vineyard has a great product—award-winning wines that are sourced from grapes all over the world, and blended to perfection by their expert winemakers. If you’re looking for a job you love that allows you to hang out with friends and drink wine, Traveling Vineyard is your first stop!

Visit the Traveling Vineyard website to learn more about becoming a Wine Guide and be sure to follow Traveling Vineyard on Facebook and on Twitter.

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