Interview With A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide: What You Need To Know

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Looking for a home based business that isn’t oversaturated with consultants? We talk to a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide to see what we need to know about being a Wine Guide and why it’s different from other direct sales opportunities.

In a time when direct sales opportunities have soared, it becomes more difficult to find one that’s right for you. It’s equally important to partner with a company that isn’t oversaturated with consultants or has grown beyond their ability to maintain their quality.

Recently, we learned about a fun and financially beneficial opportunity in direct sales with a company called Traveling Vineyard. With Traveling Vineyard, as a Wine Guide, you’re able to work from home, set your own hours, and learn more about and drink wine. I honestly can’t think of a better job description.

But, is the opportunity as good as it sounds? We wanted to learn more about this opportunity, so we spoke to one of their consultants, Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide Linda Gill

Why did you get started with Traveling Vineyard?

My daughter-in-law was invited to a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting; she invited me to go with her because she knew I love wine. But the event was cancelled so we never got to attend. That very same week that it was cancelled, a Traveling Vineyard advertisement popped up on my Facebook feed. I knew that it was a sign. I [submitted] my name and number and received a phone call from Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide Alison. We spoke for a little bit and within the week I joined the Traveling Vineyard family!!

I had never heard about Traveling Vineyard until my daughter-in-law was invited to a wine tasting. I never knew in-home wine tastings were a thing! I was introduced to wine several years ago when a new coworker from “wine country” in Northeastern Ohio opened my eyes to wine. I was hooked. When I learned the concept of Traveling Vineyard, I knew this was a fulfillment that I needed… to learn about wine and to educate other people on wines and how to enjoy wine and food together.

Join the Traveling Vineyard family! Become a wine guide and make money drinking wine. 
Why should someone who wants to consider direct sales choose Traveling Vineyard over other options?

We are inundated with Tupperware, jewelry parties, LuLaRoe, etc… in-home wine tastings are a new concept. It is not a saturated market. There is an amazing amount of wine lovers – this is a revolving market. Meaning, that it won’t go out of style because you are constantly drinking the wine and you need to buy more.

One of the reasons I love Traveling Vineyard is that we do free in-home Wine Tastings. Other wine tasting businesses charge customers fees to taste. Traveling Vineyard is a great opportunity to “try before you buy” without breaking the bank. It’s affordable! The guest finds a wine they love and they keep coming back for more (repeat customers). There are even people who budget wine in their monthly grocery costs. I feel this is not just another direct sales opportunity; this is a chance to meet new friends, introduce amazing wines and educate people on how to really enjoy wine.

I knew this was a fulfillment that I needed… to learn about wine and to educate other people on wines and how to enjoy wine and food together.”

What’s a typical Traveling Vineyard event like?

A typical wine tasting is a group of people consisting of friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc…coming together to taste wine paired with food. The Wine Guide brings five bottles of wine, two whites, two reds, and a sweet wine to share. The guests are taught the four steps to wine tasting and each guest gets to taste each wine paired with certain foods. The Wine Guide educates the guests throughout the tasting and at the end of the tasting, the guests will place orders.

What makes being a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard different from other direct sales opportunities 
What are the benefits of hosting a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting?

We have host rewards that [are earned] from the sales at the tasting. The more wine and accessories that are purchased, the more rewards the host receives. The host can get discounts on bottles of wine and complimentary bottles, also. Discounts range from 10-25% and they are eligible to earn up to four complimentary bottles. They also can receive a discount on their first month on a wine club and half price accessory items.

What’s your favorite part about hosting events?

I thoroughly enjoy when guests get that “wow factor” from a wine and food pairing. They may not have liked the wine by itself but when you pair it with the correct food, AMAZING!! I enjoy seeing a white wine lover switch to loving red wine. They swear they do not like red wines but until they try it with different foods, it’s like a light bulb turned on. I love educating guests and having them apply what they have learned.

Each bottle of wine has a QR code that has information on pairing and taste

Tell me something you love about Traveling Vineyard that others might not be aware of.

Traveling Vineyard is a “family”. From the CEO to Wine Guides to the employees at headquarters. You get so much support and ideas from everyone. They want us to succeed in our business. We make the business “our own” but adhere to the policies of the company. You do not need to know anything about wine to become a Wine Guide. The training that Traveling Vineyard offers is outstanding!

To follow Linda or to get information on becoming a Wine Guide, check out her website. You can also learn more about Traveling Vineyard in our post here!

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What do you think you’d enjoy most about being a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide?

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