How To Keep Your Kids And Your Tech Safe With One Device: Meet CUJO

As parents, we all want to assume the best in our children. We want to believe that they’ll look both ways when they cross the street, that they’ll remember their ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s, and that they’ll be safe anytime they’re on the internet. We know how difficult it is to maintain Parent Policing as our kids become increasingly more savvy when it comes to technology.

Now, there’s smarter technology to help you keep your kids safe, as well as protect all of your devices while you’re home or away. It’s called CUJO and it will change the way you use technology in your home.

CUJO is antivirus, tech protection, and firewall protection all in one

What Is CUJO And Why Do I Need It?

Think of CUJO as the multi-tool for your technology. It protects your kids from inappropriate websites and apps, it allows you to set time limits to control allowed time for things like social media and video streaming, and it will allow you to create individual settings for each family member.

CUJO is a smart home security device that protects the connected home from the latest and most-sophisticated virtual intrusions such as malware, viruses and hacking techniques. CUJO uses self-learning technology to keep watch over computers, smart phones, baby monitors, TV’s and other connected devices by constantly updating itself to block new threats.

Parents, CUJO will help you parent, and when it comes to keeping up with technology and staying on top of what they do when you’re not looking, this is a HUGE selling point for me. Trust me, I have a teenaged boy; I don’t want to imagine what goes on behind closed doors.

It provides security for all of your smart devices, from laptops to lightbulbs. It blocks malicious sites and hackers, so you’re fully secure from identity theft and hacking.

CUJO protects your family from malicious sites and hacking

Where Can I Get CUJO?

Now you’re asking the right question! CUJO will be appearing tomorrow, March 25th, on QVC. Can I just tell you, I adore QVC because they always have the best brand names, newest products, and cutting edge technology like CUJO!

You’ll get to see first-hand CUJO in action! And, you’ll likely hear why your antivirus just isn’t as effective as CUJO at keeping your devices protected. It also works with both Android and iOS.

You can find it on Amazon. It costs only $99 plus your security service plan. You can choose from three different service plans, all more affordable than losing your identity to hackers.

For more information on CUJO and all it can do to protect your family, visit their site and be sure to follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of our partner, CUJO. All opinions are my own and were not influenced. This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation at no cost to you if you make a purchase using this link.

2 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Kids And Your Tech Safe With One Device: Meet CUJO”

  • I am probably one of the early adopters of Cujo. The device works great, I have noticed that it is really good at blocking malware sites and keeps your devices from accessing unsafe sites and tracking sites. Tech support is very responsive. Very happy so far. Cujo monitors all my wifi devices and my hard wired devices on my network.

    • I’m so glad to hear this! I love hearing that others are having a positive experience with the products we recommend. Thanks for sharing, Chris!

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