Kids Tablets Are A Dime A Dozen: Why We Chose Nabi Tablet

The thought of a kid having anything else but a box of crayons and a coloring book is a thing of the past. Don’t get me wrong; one of our favorite ways to spend quiet time together is a good coloring book. But, kids have tablets now. They love tablets, or really, anything tech related. Who can blame them? They’re little versions of ourselves!

When we looked at tablets for our 6-year-old, we did a lot of research. Mind you, this little one figured out how to create a .gif file on my phone before I knew it was even a thing! This meant we needed something that would appeal to her younger fun side, but also grow with her intellectual side as she got older. nabi® was at the top of our list!

nabi Tablet for kids

One huge draw for us towards the nabi® tablet was their attention to making high quality tech, not a cheap toy. It’s simple to use, but not over simplified, so it feels to them like a “grown-up’s” tablet. My daughter’s nabi® Tablet features games that are not only fun but are educational. When she masters a skill, she’s rewarded and challenged instead of having to play the same levels or games.

I can also set boundaries, set up a chore chart, and my daughter can use nabi® to earn coins. This helps me teach her responsibility that is consistent and she earns a great sense of accomplishment! Even my iPad doesn’t reward me.

I also love that I can choose which apps she can access, set screen time limits, and I get reports on her accomplishments. Seriously, nabi® is so easy for both of us to use and it’s great fun for my daughter, too!

nabi American Girl Tablet

One thing we know your kids will love about nabi® is their unique customization options, including Fisher-Price, Barbie, Hot Wheels, and American Girl-themed tablets

nabi® also features Big Tab, wearables, additional apps and more to expand your child’s learning possibilities.

We were given our nabi® for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are our own and were not influenced.

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