Kids Will Love The New #LeapPad 3, Available Now!

LeapPad 3

Did you know that LeapPad products, including the new LeapPad 3, are used in schools as a teaching tool? It’s amazing for kids learning to read or that need help with reading comprehension, but LeapPad products are so much more than that.

Recently, we were sent the brand new LeapPad 3 to try out in our home and it wasn’t just our toddler who enjoyed the fun and learning that it provided. We received the item to facilitate our review, however all opinions are our own and were not influenced.

Why Kids Love The New LeapPad 3

The new LeapPad 3 is a fun, fast, high-performance Wi-Fi tablet that kids will adore – ours did! There are over 1,200 age-appropriate and educator-approved games, apps, eBooks, videos and more, easily accessed by kids but kept safe by adults.

The touchscreen is shatter-proof and highly responsive, so there’s no need for them to tap hard to get their game going. Little ones can get so frustrated when things don’t work the way they’d like; that’s not the case with the new LeapPad 3.

Kids can also connect and play safely with friends on nearby devices using the included Pet Chat and Pet Pad Party apps. No more fighting over the game; they can each have their own yet still play together.


Why Parents Love The New LeapPad 3

Safety is key with the new LeapPad 3! LeapSearch™ powered by Zui™ serves up only age-appropriate videos and more from the web, so there’s no worry while your kids play. Everything they have access to is all approved by learning experts. Strong parent tools, including a four-digit security code, let you fine-tune and control what your child is able to access.

Games that you download for your child automatically adapt to your child’s learning level and draw from 2,600 skills across reading, math, writing and more. This should help prepare them for school or build on what they’re already learning. Want to know what they’re learning and how they’re doing? Sign up to receive learning tips and progress updates to see how your child’s skills are developing as they play.

The LeapPad 3 is available in pink or green for only $99.99 from LeapPad and will soon also offer teal blue. There are also exclusive bundles available for Kindergarten prep, grade school learning, and for little fans of Octonauts!

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