Learning About Emotions With Inside Out, Plus Fun Craft For Kids #InsideOut

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Inside Out

It’s easy for parents to forget that little ones are often still trying to understand their emotions and how to express them. I know I do; I’ve scolded my child for yelling or throwing things and have gotten frustrated when she cries or walks away from me. But these are all signs of a kiddo that doesn’t yet understand what she’s feeling or how to express it.

I love that Disney/Pixar’s new movie Inside Out has given an actual face and a name to the common emotions that kids are feeling. They identify with the main character, Riley, and the struggle she endures, as well as when or how her emotions take over.

Inside Out

An Emotional Puppet Show For Kids

My daughter, who is almost 5-years-old, is like many other kids; she’s fallen in love with these expressive characters. Joy, Fear, Disgust, Sadness and Anger aren’t just emotions. They’re now lovable, huggable and in some cases, speaking dolls that your kids can take home from Walmart!

A puppet show with these now-familiar characters can be a fun way to help your child understand the situations in which they might experience these emotions! And, it helps them further understand what they’re feeling, especially if they’ve seen the movie Inside Out.

Inside Out

We ask her to choose two characters act out a scenario when the emotions she’s chosen might be felt. It also help her creativity, so it’s a win-win.

When we can’t take her Inside Out plush dolls with us, we created this fun Inside Out Emotions Slider that she can take anywhere, anytime – especially when she returns to school!

How To Make The Inside Out Emotions Slider For Kids

Inside Out

This is a really simple craft that the kiddos can help with. First, print the strip of characters and make sure you print them in color. Get an old pocket folder or other piece of cardboard, some tape or glue, scissors and a small clothespin. You can find these at the craft store – in this case, we found a stars and stripes-themed one.

Inside Out

Cut the cardboard to fit the strip of characters. Tape or glue it to the cardboard. I like to use two pieces of packing tape so that the character photos don’t fade or get wet. If you have a laminating machine, this is definitely and ideal option.

Inside Out

Attach the small clothes pin to the slider. Now your child can decide how they’re feeling according to their favorite character and use the pin to attach it to the slider above that emotion!

Inside Out

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What do you find helps when your kids have trouble expressing their emotions?

Do you think either of these ideas would be helpful to your kids?

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