Let These Worry Eaters Help Ease Your Kids’ Worries And Fears

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Being a parent is tough, so we sometimes forget how tough it is for the little ones. See how we use a cuddly stuffed toy called Worry Eaters to help our 6-year-old deal with changes in our lives with which she was having difficulty. We were sent two Worry Eaters to facilitate our review; all opinions are our own and were not influenced in any way.

Worry Eaters is like cuddly therapy for younger kids

Life with a teenager and a kindergartner is challenging as a parent but sometimes, we forget how tough these ages can be for our kids! While we had a son going through puberty, we had a daughter who was experiencing “Terrible Twos” and threes. During this time, we also moved to a new city and school district and built a new house, during which there was a lot of turmoil. Add to that my recent marriage and you’ve a lot of changes to deal with in a two or three year time period.

If you’re a parent, you know better than anyone how even the slightest change in our everyday routines can upset a child, no matter the age. So when our family was going through these major lifestyle changes, we thought it best to find ways for the kids to deal with everything that was happening.

Worry Eaters are meant to "eat" kids' worries and fears

One of the coping mechanisms we looked into for our youngest was actually a stuffed, cuddly toy called Worry Eaters. They’re not the cutest toys, but my kiddo seems to love these stuffed animals that look like imaginative monsters. The big draw for these toys is their zippered mouth; kids can write down their frustrations or fears, put them in the Worry Eaters mouth, and not have to think about their problems again.

Parents can then remove the piece of paper on which the child has written or drawn their fears. This gives us insight into what is bothering our kids and offers us a chance to discuss with them what worries they’re holding onto.

Kids can write down or draw their worries and Worry Eaters will eat them up!

I’m often surprised at the things my little one “feeds” her Worry Eater. It’s not always what I suspect, and since I feel like she’s too young for therapy, I feel like Worry Eaters not only help her communicate her thoughts better, but she also enjoys how super soft and cuddly they are!

There are about 18 different types of Worry Eaters from which your child can choose. They retail for around $16 on Amazon.

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