A Little Kate Spade Love From Our Friends At Carmex!

I honestly love what I do as a blogger and online influencer. I work with amazing brands, amazing PR reps, and I’ve traveled to more places than I ever have before. 

Truth be told, there are a few brands that I favor a bit over others. It’s like at any job; we all want to be rewarded for the work we do and feel like an important part of any partnerships we create. For me, Carmex has been one of those brands because of our long standing relationship. The fact that they just sent me a boat load of Carmex samples and an adorable Kate Spade bag does not hurt that relationship, either 😉

Kate Spade bag filled with Carmex products for the winter

Carmex didn’t require that I write about their products; they just thought I would enjoy some of their new products since winter was approaching (or maybe because my husband loves a smoother kiss, who knows?). It was a nice surprise!

Carmex has a new look, but same great product

I did notice that Carmex has a new look! They seems to be the same great products, though. Their Classic sticks and tubes are likely what you see most often in the stores (and in my new Kate Spade bag!), but they have other awesome products you’ll love, too.

Their Comfort Care balms are amazing for everyday use with a little shine. They’re 100% natural and have great flavors like Mixed Berry and Sugar Plum. I ADORE Sugar Plum.

Their Cold Sore Treatment is perfect for the treatment of Cold Sores and doesn’t have that nasty taste like other treatments do. 

Thank you, Carmex, for the awesome selection of products, the super cute Kate Spade bag, and being an amazing partner with our site!!

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