Loving the all new 2013 Ford Escape!

When I leased my Ford Escape this year, I was absolutely thrilled! I’ve wanted one for so long – the heated leather seats, all of the extra room compared to our sedan, the technology, and that new car smell – it’s perfect for me.

Now that I see the 2013 Ford Escape on the lot, I’m even more in love! I didn’t think I would like the big changes that Ford made. The classic, boxy SUV look is now a sleek curvacious family vehicle. It has an athletic, sportier look to it now and has even better technology! What’s more is that it’s fun to drive and has so many great new features and options.

You can actually test drive the new 2013 Ford Escape at your local Ford dealership to check out the great new features and the increased cargo space for yourself!

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