Make Your Next Cookout Easier: Easy DIY Custom Cutting Board Tray

Don’t fret – cookout season is NOT over. In fact, we grill well through winter because we love the taste of the food and the fun of being outside with our family. 

If your family loves to cook out like ours, you’ll love this super simple craft that is cheap and requires very few tools. It’s a great way to upcycle an old cutting board that might no longer be safe to cut foods on or hasn’t been (or can no longer be) treated with mineral oil.

Cutting Board Tray

For the sake of this craft, we used a brand new cutting board, but I love the look and function of this so much that we’ll definitely be scrounging for unique cutting boards the next time we’re at a flea market or antique shop. The more character, the better when it comes to this easy craft.

You can also find old handles and upcycle those, or you might find something more sleek and modern for an old cutting board like these that we found at Target.

cutting board tray tools

All you’ll need is a set of cupboard or drawer handles of your choice, an old cutting board, a screwdriver, and a drill. Figure out where you’d like the handles, whether it’s the shorter or the longer side, and find the center of each side. Mark it as inconspicuously as possible.

Cutting Board Tray

This part does not need to be exact; mark the holes for your handles as centered as you can. This is where you’ll drill your holes. The instructions that came with your handles should tell you which size drill bit to use. If not, try to eyeball it as close to the size, if not slightly smaller.

Cutting Board Tray

Attach the handles by screwing them in from the bottom. Do this for both sides.

cutting board tray

Now, you’ve got a super simple, but very functional, cutting board tray that you can use to haul your grilling items to and from the grill. You can also use it to move all of your condiments to the table and keep them organized. And, you can change the look of your tray by changing the handles. 

If you’re able to find a used cutting board, or upcycle and old cutting board at your house, the only cost is the handles you choose. If you can find those at a garage sale, or from someone remodeling their kitchen, your cost is literally nothing at all!

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