Marvel Releases New #DoctorStrange Featurette #DoctorStrangeEvent

The hype continues to grow for the November 4 release of Marvel’s newest addition to the MCU, Doctor Strange.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is sure to be the most visually fascinating superhero film so far and definitely the most magic-filled Marvel film. It may also prove to be very dark considering its director, Scott Derrickson, has been at the helm of more than a few horror films.

Strange’s history is very tragic, including the story of his own journey after an accident that leaves him unable to continue life as a talented surgeon. Doctor Strange will also be the first in the MCU to involve the mystic arts. Strange is a loner, very isolated from the world he feels driven to protect.

Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, said, “We’ve talked about that in comparison to Tony Stark, who is an arrogant, witty fellow at the beginning of the movie who sells weapons, and then is an arrogant, witty fellow at the end of the movie who doesn’t sell weapons, who channels his wit and intelligence into something else but is kind of the same guy. Strange’s transformation is much more complete than that.”

Those who know the history of Doctor Strange knows that there have been times, despite his preference to work along, that he’s teamed with groups like the Avengers and there have been recent rumors that Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch will be making an appearance in Civil War, only time will tell.

As far as cameos go, however, there is one thing we’re all wondering – what role will comic God Stan Lee play in Doctor Strange, opening in theaters November 4.

Doctor Strange Event

We’ll have exclusive interviews with the cast as well as photos from our interviews October 17-19. Be sure to follow #DoctorStrangeEvent for all Doctor Strange updates!

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