My Mini MixieQ’s™ Review: Mini Collectible Figures For Kids

It seems lately that mini collectible figures for kids are all the rage now. Although my daughter is 6-years-old and not yet great at putting away her toys, and these mini figurines are as much fun to step on as LEGOs, I have to admit that they are adorable!

My Mini Mixie Qs for kids

My Mini MixieQ’s are tiny cube-like collectibles, each with their own look and personality. You can swap their outfits and their hair to create new characters.

There are also sets of characters from which to collect. The ‘Brave’ series, for example, are MixieQ’s dressed as a nurse, a shark, a superhero, and a cowboy. The ‘Bubbly’ series features a glam hippie, a florist, Santa’s elf, and a mermaid. As of now, there are 8 sets with around 10 characters in each set. 

My Mini MixieQ's Playsets

There are also playsets and mini rooms, like the one we have, that can be purchased separately and connected together. Your Mini MixieQ’s can go camping, play in an arcade, hit up the candy shop, or visit the pet store.

I really love the concept of these but again, you’ll definitely want to teach your kids the benefits of putting their MixieQ’s aways. Because their clothes and hair come off, this makes for many, many very tiny pieces unaccounted for while they’re playing. If your kids are apt to put things in their mouths, I would not recommend these.

My Mini MixieQ's Playsets and Collectibles

You can also combine the world of My Mini MixieQ’s My Mini MixieQ’s! You can Pop and Swap virtual characters and track the ones you’ve already collected. 

However, for older kids, ‘tweens, and teens, MixieQ’s are quite fun. Just like with any other collectible items, they do have categories for each – Every Day (super common), Special (more detail and decoration), and Ultra Special (special decorations and finishes). There are also blind bags, which everyone is obsessed with. Who can resist a blind bag?!

You can find out more about My Mini MixieQ’s online and you’ll find them at toy retailers such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Toys ‘R’ Us.

I received a sample to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced.

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