As Mom Sees It Announced As A Kate & Mim-Mim Mom Blogger Ambassador

When my son was young, he was content to play by himself for hours. My daughter, the polar opposite, needs to be entertained every moment of the day. However, one things they both had, and still have, in common is amazing creativity and imagination.

When a child is introduced to something new – whether it’s a new game, television show, or book – a parent can tell almost immediately if they like it. My daughter, 6-years-old this week, loved the show Kate & Mim-Mim instantly. In fact, so did I! It’s fun, funny, and kids can truly relate to the imagination of adorable little Kate. This is why we’re thrilled to have been asked to be a Kate & Mim-Mim Mom Blogger Ambassador!

Kate and Mim-Mim Ambassdor

Kate & Mim-Mim is a new television show for kids that premiered on Disney Junior in December of 2014. We were actually able to meet Scott & Julie Stewart this year at Blogger Bash in NYC; they’re the creators of Kate & Mim-Mim and Kate’s parents. Yes, Kate is real! And the Stewarts have other children that help them develop story ideas, so it’s a family affair that has created a show that is loved by kids everywhere – including ours!


Scott and Julie Stewart are the creators of #KateAndMimMim and real parents of Kate, now 8 years old. #BBNYC

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The vibrant colors, the fun must-sing-along theme song, the stories to which kids can relate, and the friendship that Kate and Mim-Mim share is why we LOVE Kate & Mim-Mim so much! We can’t wait to bring you all the fun from Mimiloo – news, holiday gift ideas, new products, and more!


The real Kate and her family. #KateAndMimMim #BBNYC

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Kate & Mim-Mim is produced and developed by Nerd Corps Entertainment. FremantleMedia Kids & Family Entertainment holds the exclusive worldwide TV distribution and licensing rights to the property outside of Canada. 


2 thoughts on “As Mom Sees It Announced As A Kate & Mim-Mim Mom Blogger Ambassador”

  • Hi, I just wanted to express how much I absolutely love Kate and mim mim. I am a mother of two my son is 9 and my daughter will be a year and a half. My daughter loves the show and absolutely loves mim mim . She calls his name when we watch the show. I have watched this show before my daughter was even born. I love it and now that I can share this with my daughter it means a lot. I was excited to finally see a shirt of them at Walmart this year which I brought for her and my niece, and finally after so long I was able to find the dolls etc. I have brought 2 of everything available as of now except for the small figurines of the cast…one for my daughter and my niece who absolutely loves Kate and Mim Mim as well, she is going to be one in a couple of weeks. I have never felt so much like a kid when I sit and watch this show. Its so sweet and warming. Its a beautiful and loving show and I am happy to see it continue…I hope to see more merchandise out there soon…maybe bags, blankets, pjs. I think between my daughter , my niece and my daughter …we are your biggest fans. I will be having Kate and Mim Mim theme party for my daughter next year in May. God bless and keep up the great job.

    • I’m so glad to hear it! I suspect we’ll see more and more Kate & Mim-Mim items, especially closer to the holidays 🙂

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