Monster Quality Sound From Monster ClarityHD Earbuds

I can always tell that a product is a good one when it disappears into the depths of my teenager’s room or backpack before I get a chance to review it. Such is the case with my new Monster ClarityHD™ High-Performance Earbuds.

We received these earbuds to facilitate our review as part of the Monster Nation Reviewers Program. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Monster Clarity HD Earbuds Review

First, let me start off by saying that I’ve never been a fan of earbuds. I have small ears, so mostly I find they’re uncomfortable, hurting my ears after about an hour of use. With as often as I travel, it’s important that what I’m wearing is both convenient and comfortable. I had my doubts when these earbuds arrived, but I’ve never experienced an issue with any of the line of Monster Products before.

Here, we’ve actually taken off the comfortable rubber tips to show you how these Monster ClarityHD Earbuds are so different.

Monster ClarityHD Earbuds are more comfortable than others

These earbuds are literally ergonomically designed for your ears. They’re angled, as you can see, so they don’t just get shoved in your ear. With the soft rubber rip added (with 3 different sizes from which to choose), they fit snuggly into your ear canal, without pressure or pain, so that you get the best sound with the best fit.

The sound is really quite amazing compared to other headphones that we’ve tried. The Monster ClarityHD Earbuds provide a deep bass sound with clear voices and beautiful high tones. They also provide really great noise isolation and their ControlTalk gives the user clearer calls and simple music controls.

Monster ClarityHD Earbuds are more than comparable to other headphones

A few other features we loved were the flatter, tangle resistant cable, the fact that they’re lightweight, and reinforcement at critical stress points for longer lasting enjoyment.

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