Peace Of Mind No Matter Where Your Kids Are: Motorola MBP36S Review

I can’t wait to take advantage of the space in our new house; it’s double the space we have now and we know, for sure, the kids will love it! And then, I start to think of the fact that I won’t as easily be able to see or hear my toddler getting out of bed. Until we go to bed, we’ll now be an entire floor away from our precocious toddler who fights bedtime like no kid I’ve ever met. We need backup, and very soon. We need the Motorola MBP36S.

Motorola MBP36S

The Motorola MBP36S is a remote wireless baby monitor that features a 3.5″ diagonal color screen, infrared night vision, video remote pan, tilt and zoom with a high sensitivity microphone and pre-recorded lullabies. You can do almost anything remotely with the Motorola MBP36S except feed and burp your little one. Baby monitors aren’t just for babies.

  • Use the Motorola MBP36S in your baby’s room to watch as they sleep, nap or avoid sleeping and napping.
  • Use it in your toddler’s room to keep them in bed, or to make sure they’re not coloring all over their walls.
  • Use it in the playroom to make sure they’re behaving and to keep your kids from fighting
  • Use it as a nanny-cam

Motorola MBP36S

The Motorola MBP36S allows you to pan the room, tilt and zoom the camera remotely so you can see all around their room instead of just one small area like most video monitors. It also gives you two-way communication so you can talk to your kids and hear them, as well. And with infrared night vision, a room temperature display, lullabies, and a rechargeable battery, it has more features that most other video monitors.

Motorola MBP36S

Have more than one room you want to keep an eye on? In my case, it might be my office to make sure my son is doing his homework as I asked and my daughter’s room to make sure she’s cleaning. I can expand my capabilities to up to 4 cameras (with additional units – MBP36BU)and view two baby units simultaneously with picture-in-picture technology. That should put any parent’s mind at ease, day or night.

Motorola MBP36S

Now we can enjoy all of the extra space our new home has to offer, from the basement where the kids will play to their bedrooms where they’ll sleep, with all the peace of mind a parent needs.

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