Mr. Chewy delivers pet happiness and donates for the cause

A few years ago, we adopted a rescue dog – a Cockapoo named Shorty. We had a soft spot for him because he was left at the center because his owner could no longer take care of him and Shorty was over 10-years-old, which meant he was less likely to be adopted.

We don’t regret adopting him, but we find that older dogs require more care and have needs that are specific to their age and condition. This is how we discovered Mr. Chewy! No, it’s not another cute pet name; it’s actually a cute site name.

Mr. Chewy allows us to search for food and treats for Shorty that a need-specific and age appropriate. We can search by brand, lifestage, special dietary needs and more to make sure we’re getting the right food for Shorty. We can do that at the local pet store.

This feature is amazing, especially if you have a rescue dog or any dog with special needs. I know our vet has recommended a few choices, but this really helps us to narrow the search. We can also use this feature with his treats, too, which have really help to aid his sensitive stomach.

We were surprised at how quickly our shipment came, so if you’re like us and you wait until the last minute for food, you can get free 1-2 shipping on all orders over $49. If you’re a pet owner, you know that between food, backup food and treats, this amount is not difficult to meet.

Mr. Chewy has a huge selection of over 70+ brands from which to choose and if you set up a delivery schedule – much like a subscribe-and-save – you can 15% off your order today.

You can follow Mr. Chewy on Facebook for exclusive news and deals plus, if you purchase your order using code DMBA1907, you’ll get 10% off your first order and Mr. Chewy will donate $10 to a pet-related charity of my choice for each of our As Mom Sees friends that order!

I was not compensated for this post. I was given a gift certificate to review the services and goods that this establishment provides. My opinions are honest and my own.

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