New Extended Trailer For Marvel’s Doctor Strange

This week at ComicCon has been huge for Marvel fans so far, from the sneak peek of a new Black Panther featurette to a look at the new Netflix series The Defenders. Now, there’s an all new trailer for Marvel’s highly anticipated new film Doctor Strange hitting theaters on November 4th. 

Doctor Strange is the second film in Phase 3 of the MCU and so far, the hype it’s receiving may prove to be justified. It features an all-star cast and from what I can tell, an amazing performance from a well-cast Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.

Along with the new trailer comes an all new movie poster that was released at ComicCon (dang it, they get all the good stuff first!) which gives us a little peek at the world bending, mind twisting cinematography that Marvel has in store for movie goers.

Doctor Strange new poster and trailer

Doctor Strange will be released in theaters on November 4th. For a Doctor Strange 101: All You Need To Know before you see the film, check out our post.

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