The New Netflix Feature Your Family Will Love

NetflixAs a Netflix Stream Team member, I share my experience as a Netflix subscriber in exchange for a free subscription for a period of one year.
One of my favorite things about being a Netflix subscriber is that there’s something for everyone; the adults can enjoy shows like Orange Is The New Black and The Walking Dead and kids have their choice of so many cartoons and family-friendly movies. We don’t always want to watch the same shows as the kids and sometimes, we don’t want the kids to have easy access to the shows we’ve watched because of their content.

netflix custom profiles
Netflix now allows subscribers to create separate profiles for each person in your household. You can create up to 5 profiles, including profiles for your moods (for example, if you enjoy sappy romance movies). Each profile created allows for its own personalized movie and TV show suggestions, a ‘recently watched’ list, ratings and reviews, and taste preferences. That way, if a user enjoys movies with action and explosions, they don’t have to scroll through a list of Powerpuff Girls and The Lorax.

If you have children in the house, you can set parental controls on individual profiles by setting the appropriate parental control setting in the Your Account section of each profile. Though individual profiles are not currently password protected, I suspect that this will be a feature that Netflix will add and parents will love!

To set up your profiles, just go to the ‘manage profiles’ page online. You can customize each profile with a different icon to make it easier and more fun and you connect with Facebook to get suggestions based on what your friends are watching.

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