Personalized Gift Ideas From The Stationery Studio

I’m learning quickly that one of the most difficult things about getting married isn’t really planning the wedding; it’s the process of changing your name when it’s all said and done. Passports, bank accounts, credit cards, driver’s license – the list goes on! Even professionally, I debated whether to change my name, hyphenate my name, or keep my maiden name. 

Poor ladies, we have so much more to do than our new husbands. One thing that was easy for me? Finding fun new items we could enjoy as a couple that are personalized with the new name we share together, thanks to The Stationery Studio.

Personalized cutting board for couples

Did you know that The Stationery Studio was one of the first online personalized stationery business in the country? They’ve now grown to feature more than 22,000 personalized gift products, including our amazing personalized cutting board featuring the name my husband and I share together! The Stationery Studio also won the 2012 Trendy Online Stationer of the Year Award which is a pretty big deal.

personalized cutting board with walnut inlay

We love our new cutting board – it’s so well made and gorgeous, well made and sturdy with walnut inlays. We’re afraid to use it, it’s so pretty! And everyone that’s been to our new home has commented on how fun and lovely it is.

While we don’t plan on personalizing everything in our house, we do love the selection of items from The Stationery Studio. One of my husband’s favorite it this personalized pilsner glass set he wants to put in his mancave.

We can also find personalized napkins, wine bottle labels, thank you cards, and bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts for our upcoming wedding reception. We can order personalized labels and stamps for our thank you cards after the wedding. We can even order personalized cutting boards, invites, plates and more when we celebrate our anniversary.

We love The Stationery Store because they provide so many amazing personalized gift ideas and their items are well-made. We know you’ll love them, too! Thanks to our friends at The Stationery Studio, we’re giving one lucky reader a $50 gift card to their store.

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