Pick your favorite sweet and have it delivered from Hammond’s

I love to hear stories about how people found their destiny. Whether it’s finding their spouse or starting a major company, sometimes a story really can be worth a thousand words.

On his first day of high school, Carl Hammond returned home to inform his mother he did not require any more education to which she replied “… you’re not going to lie around the house. Go get a job.”

That was all the motivation this young man needed, so after several years of learning the candy business, he founded Hammond’s Candy Company in Denver, CO. His first candy, Honey Ko Kos were chocolate dipped with shredded coconut. Quite a delicious start, I would say!

The Mitchell Sweet, caramel covered marshmallow named for a friend of his, was another delicious creation; one that became, and still remains, the signature candy at Hammond’s.

But you don’t need to live in Colorado to enjoy Hammond’s confections. You can purchase holiday candy, event candy, gifts and more from their website, right from your own computer (which may be dangerous for us candy lovers!).

Whether it’s chocolate, lollipops, taffy, hard candies, or their signature Mitchell Sweets, or even nostalgic candies, you’re sure to find your new or old favorite at Hammond’s Candies.

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