Project: Kitchen Remodel begins with tile backsplash

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We’ve been so excited for the holidays to end; not because we don’t love the holidays, but because we’re so thrilled to start work on our project kitchen remodel. We’ve been staring at some of the supplies we have for improvements, but they’ve just been sitting there, calling to us, waiting to make our project kitchen amazing.

kitchen remodelRemodeling a kitchen can be incredibly expensive, but we’ve been discovering ways that we can remodel in less expensive, more convenient ways. Doing some of the work ourselves is a huge money saver and we’re lucky enough to have family and friends that can – and are willing – to help. We’ve found shortcuts that are easy, inexpensive and save us money without sacrificing the quality look we want to achieve.

kitchen remodel
Our project kitchen is in no way horrendous, so we’re quite lucky. But there was no personality, no warmth and it started to feel like the kitchen in an office breakroom. We just need to add some personality, so we’re starting with the basics; we’re adding a new back splash and we’re painting the countertops.

kitchen remodel
Our first step is tearing down the old backsplash which is actually just an extension of the laminate countertop the kitchen has. We have never been more excited to rip something apart, especially when our tile samples arrived. Our friends at helped us choose a few samples that would work with the look we wanted, then we turned to our friends on Facebook to help us choose between the last two.

kitchen remodelkitchen remodel
We chose Nexus York Random Tile and we couldn’t be more pleased! We were so excited that we could shop from the comfort of our home, order samples of tiles that we liked, and our order was shipped fast and FREE! The resources on their site include instructions and assistance with grouting, installation and recommended accessories such as installation kits. That’s our tile shown above!

As we start this exciting remodel, stay tuned as we show the completed tile backsplash and the process of painting our countertops.

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