How Puro Sound Labs Headphones Are Protecting Your Child’s Hearing

My teenager told me a few days ago that when he listens to music, even with headphones, the people around him can hear the music. That’s pretty loud. I know for a fact that my 6-year-old has the same issue because I’ve literally walked over to her tablet and turned it down for her.

I know I can’t be the only mom experiencing this issue because when I start to Google “How loud is too loud…” the first auto-populated search phrase is “…for headphones.” We need an easier way to end the damage being done to our kids’ ears than having to follow them around turning down their volume.

Puro Headphones are perfect for everyone in the family

In case you’re wondering the answer to my Google inquiry:

“Standard headphones emit 110 decibels at full volume- the same as a working chainsaw. Some experts suggest keeping your music at 60 decibels; others go as high as 80.”

To put your mothering mind at ease, our new Puro Sound Labs OEH200 Studio-Grade on-ear headphones have a unique volume governor that limits the sound output to 85 dB on most portable devices. Most of us don’t turn them up that high, and that’s far less than what are kids are blasting out now. 

My daughter loves our new Puro headphones. 

Kid approved headphones from Puro that actually save their ears

As you can see, they fit well, but are quite adjustable so even I can wear them (when I can manage to get my hands on them). They’re super comfortable because they’re surrounded by cushion, both on the ears and all around the headband part.

Puro Headphones protect your child's ears and are comfortable to wear

My teenager prefers our new Puro IEM200 Studio Grade in-ear headphones. The earbuds still only allow sound output of up to 85 dB on most portable devices. He thinks he just got a cool new set of earbuds, and I know that he can only turn them up so loud.

Puro Headphone earbuds

With either option, you still get amazing sound at any volume with an 80% reduction in ambient noise so even when your kids travel, they can hear their music without having to blast it.

The durable material of the over-the-ear headphones feature water-proof and lice-proof technology because, well, we know why. 

Puro Sound Lab’s in-ear IEM200 headphones are only $29.99 and their OEH200 over-the-ear headphones are only $39.99 so they make a great stocking stuffer for kids.

Puro also has more advanced headphone options for adults, as well. Be sure to follow Puro Sound Labs on Facebook and on Twitter to learn more about their products and how they protect our and our kids’ hearing!

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