Push A Button, Get Sweets Delivered To Your Door!

Technology literally becomes the greatest thing ever when you can push a button that enables candy and chocolate to be delivered right to your door. You guys, this is a HUGE game changer. 

Amazon Prime Surprise box of sweets

For only $18 a box, for as often as you’d like, Prime Surprise Sweets will be delivered to your door via an all new Dash button from Amazon! Each box is filled with a surprise selection of goodies – multiple small-batch treats that are crafted by artisans across the country.

A peek inside the all new Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets

In each box, there are even tasting cards that will share stories of each of the artisans that have products in your Sweets box as well as details of how each of the treats were crafted.

As an Amazon Prime member, you’ll enjoy FREE two-day delivery of your box! As of right now, you can order the box directly from Amazon with a Dash button arriving soon.

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