Reimagine Your Kid’s Screen Time With Magikbee

I’m not a parent who strictly limits screen time for my youngest because what she loves is educational and interactive iPad games. That’s why we were so excited when Magikbee asked us to review their Magik Play starter kit. We received the kit to facilitate our review, but all opinions are our own and were not influenced by the brand.

Magikbee gives kids the chance to learn STEM challenges on their device

Now, right from the start I will tell you that because the blocks are small pieces (though seemingly not choking hazards), my daughter, of course, lost a few of the blocks into the abyss that is her room. This greatly affects game play as all the blocks are needed, so I suggest you keep them together in a baggie.

We did get a chance to interact with this learning experience before she lost a few of the blocks and we were both amazed right from the start.

There are 3 free-to-download apps that work in conjunction with the starter kit, which includes 2 of each of a semi-circle, triangle, short rectangle, long rectangle, and arch. Each app is created for a specific age range or development age.

The magikbee starter kit works with one of three free downloads for game play

Once the iPad is placed in the cradle that comes with the starter kit, the fun begins. The most basic of the apps, Hidden Shapes, asks kids to place on the block the shape that they see “hidden” in the photos. It’s easy and perfect for kids aged 2-4.

Dino Blocks is perfect for ages 3+ and tests kids shape recognition and problem-solving skills, helping animals out of situations using the shapes. Finally, Runaway is for ages 4+ and much more complex structures and a timing element is added to make the game more challenging. 

The blocks are “smart” and work with the app via magnetic pieces embedded in the blocks, so they can be played interactively with the app, or by themselves.

Magikbee is fun alone or with an app

For under $60, it’s a great investment in a learning toy that grows with your child. I love how Magikbee is a neat combination of the classic wooden blocks and the love of technology for today’s kids. The apps really help boost cognitive skills for kids of all ages.

For ages: 2+
Who makes it? Magikbee
How much? $57.99

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