Relax… it’s Lees! The stain-proof option that saves your money

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Renting isn’t really a bad idea, especially these days. While many will tell you that paying into someone else’s mortgage doesn’t help you or your credit, it does prevent you from having to spring for unexpected surprises like a new furnace or windows. That responsibility relies solely on the landlord. However, if your landlord is like ours, nothing ever gets done anyway. We’ve been fighting with ours for new carpet, as the carpet we have now is almost 20 years old.

Can carpet fibers be sexy? I believe these are looking pretty darn good πŸ™‚

Since the house was practically abandoned for some time, it’s not too bad but thank God we have a carpet cleaner at home. It’s just a little matted and sad. We have a large rug in the dining room which covers most of the carpet in there, but our living room, where the kids play most often, was in desperate need of coverage. While I was at BlogHer, I was lucky enough to meet with reps for Carpet One and Lees.

We had the opportunity to spill messy, everyday items like chocolate syrup on their carpet samples – they actually encouraged us to get their pristine carpet samples messy! Relax… it’s Lees! Because of the brand’s EverTex fiber technology, the carpet offers permanent stain protection without additional treatment and stains don’t even have the chance to soak in – they’re removed with a simple spray of water and a quick blot. In addition, the carpet’s backing makes it more durable to heavy traffic, so it’s ideal if you have kids, rental properties or a business or if you just hate having to scrub your carpet’s stains on your hands and knees.

I’ll tell you a little secret – had I not seen the demonstration, I’d have not believed it. I even spilled the messy concoction myself and rubbed it into the carpet sample, as I told her that would more closely match what would happen to a spill in my house. Something would get spilled and, before I could get it cleaned, both kids would have stepped in it already. It cleaned up like a breeze. And, because it cleans with simple spritz of water, there’s no need to use chemicals; this is especially important if you have crawling babies or prefer a greener lifestyle.

This is why I adore my new Relax… it’s Lees area rug. I’m comforted by the fact that we have a clean and soft area on which to play. I’ve spilled pizza sauce on it and Ella peed on it after a bath – both came out beautifully with no odor after. Want to try Lees amazing stain resistant carpet for yourself? It’s a great investment and right now select styles are on sale at 50% off during their Spillabration!

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