Reusable Snack and Drink Containers: Drink In The Box And Snack In A Box Review

For packed lunches when I was younger, it was a separate plastic baggie for every item, all shoved into a paper bag decorated with name. Now, many schools and teachers ask parent to utilize reusable containers as often as possible to cut down on trash and litter and to help encourage the kids to be more environmentally conscious. 

I definitely don’t have a problem with this request, however I’ve found that the number of products on the market are overwhelming so when I saw Drink in the Box and Snack in the Box at Blogger Bash this year, I couldn’t wait to try them out!

Drink in a box and snack in a box are great for kids on the go and reusable

These reusable drink and snack containers from Drink in a Box come in different colors and sizes and are perfectly kid-proof in more ways than one.

They travel well and fit into most lunch boxes and lunch bags. They’re also made with the highest quality materials that are safe for kids and durable. All materials are BPA, BPS and Phthalates. The straw is attached so it’s less likely to get lost, which is a huge problem for us!

Reusable Snack in a box has separate containers for different snacks

They’re also lightweight despite their crazy durability so I can easily throw them in my purse for the little one in case the wait at the doctor’s office is too long or we get caught in traffic during Ohio’s massive orange-cone-takeover. It’s seriously everywhere. The Snack in a Box is great because I can put two difference snacks in one sealable container. The lids snap close tight so I don’t find fruit snacks or cereal all over the bottom of my purse.

In 5 years, 1 trillion disposable juice boxes will go to landfills. End to end, they would wrap around the earth +1400 times or go to the moon hundreds of times.

You can also personalize Snack in a Box and Drink in a Box with chalkboard stickers and keep your drinks cold with an Ice on the Box sleeve! They’ve really thought of everything!

Drink in a box has a spill proof lid and built in straw and is reusable

Snack in a Box and Drink in a Box Options

Snack in the Box is a patent-pending, dual-chambered snack container equipped with two separate food chambers that are topped with pop-up lids for easy access. It’s durable, spill-proof, leak-proof and is made of USA-made Tritan™ and Polypropylene. It’s also stain resistant and dishwasher safe. Each chamber holds 6oz of food. Retail: $9.99

Drink in the Box – A revolutionary, patented designed, reusable drink box made from near indestructable Tritan. It’s BPA and Phthalate free. Easy to clean and has an 8 oz. or 12oz capacity. Retail: $11.99 & $14.99

 Scribble on the Box – Scribble on the Box is a dishwasher-friendly, dry-erase crayon and reusable vinyl label kit for your Drink in the Box. Perfect for sending little notes to your child, or to let them personalize their Drink in the Box, so as to not be mixed up with other kid’s ones. 8 labels and 4 safety approved crayons included. Each label will last many weeks of dishwasher cycles! Retail: $5.99

Ice on the Box – Keep your Drink in the Box cool with the freezable gel pack Ice on the Box. Retail: $5.99

What to do when you get mold in your reusable Drink In A Box

Oh No! My Drink in a Box Has Mold!

Yes, moms and dads, we’ve all been in the situation where either our kids or us have left the drink boxes or water bottles in the car or in the lunchbox over the weekend or even over a vacation. The same thing happened to us and we opened our Drink in a Box to find mold. We were hesitant to just wash it and give it back to our little one, nervous that the mold spores would remain, so we were thrilled to learn that Drink in a Box has replacement parts that you can purchase!

You don’t have to just toss their new favorite drink and snack containers – just get a new straw!.

Be sure to follow our friends from Drink in a Box on Instagram and on Twitter! They sent us these to facilitate our review, though all opinions are our own and were not influenced in any way.

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