Review: Take An #EarthDay Homeselfe To Find Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Since our home was built last year, we obviously have the most energy efficient home, right? Everything had to be tested to meet certain standards, everything is brand new from the roof to the appliances, and we even switched all of our bulbs to LED bulbs.

Sometimes I feel we shouldn’t even have an electric bill, we’re that efficient. Sadly, I found out, after taking a Homeselfe, that our home isn’t as energy efficient as we thought. We have plenty of room for savings in areas that we didn’t even think possible!

Home Energy Savings Report

What Is A Homeselfe?

Homeselfe is a FREE app that guides you through the process of evaluating your home’s energy efficiency. This can help save you money or find rebates in your home you might not otherwise have been aware of.

With Homeselfe, you can save money on your energy bills, make your home more comfortable, and protect the environment!

Homeselfe finds opportunities for energy savings throughout your home


How Does Homeselfe Work?

It’s as simple as downloading an app and walking though your home. The app guides you room-by-room throughout your home to help you learn about your home’s current energy efficiency.

It will ask you simple questions about your home’s weather stripping, appliances, windows, etc. Once you’ve answered everything, you’ll get an instant and easy-to-read report that tells you where you can save money and where you might need to upgrade.

The app is free and will take only around 5 minutes to complete.

Homeselfe Report

I was very pleased, but not surprised, to learn that our home’s energy efficiency was very good. What I was surprised about was the recommendations for improvement that we’d not thought of! Very Good is nice, but if there’s room for improvement that will allow our family to save money, of course we want to learn about those ideas, as well!

Homeselfe is available on Google Play for Android devices and on iTunes. You can also follow Homeselfe on Facebook and on Twitter for more information.

We’d love to hear from you! What rating do you think Homeselfe would give your home? Download the free app and find out!

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