Soaked on a unfortunate Safety 1st baby bathtub purchase #review

As a baby shower gift we received a baby bathtub that was unfortunately broken when we opened it. Because the item was purchased at Babies R’ Us (and thank goodness was given with the receipt attached to the box) we were limited to what the store had in stock as far as a replacement.

Our choice was a cute little frog bathtub by Safety 1st. We chose it for two reasons: first, it was a set that included a bathtub, wash cloth, pour cup, and a sponge. Second, it was reasonably priced, not to mention incredibly cute. That’s where it’s positive attributes ended, however.

Safety 1st baby bathtub

What we should have paid attention to, and something I’m usually very diligent about, were the reviews.

Our daughter was born just after we brought home the replacement tub, so as any parent does with a newborn, the first month or so were sponge-bath-only. Once her cord nub fell off, we began using the tub on the kitchen counter.

As soon as we started to fill the tub for the first time, we heard and felt water running all over the counter, down the cupboards and to the floor and our clothes and socks. We had to drain what was left in the tub and spent 15 minutes cleaning a terrible, wet mess! In the model we have, the instructions indicate that you must extend the two parts of the tub until it snaps, then press down on this bubble-like tab at the bottom of the tub until it snaps. We did both, yet we continued to have problems. We assumed we had gotten a defective one, and returned it to the store in exchange for the same model.

Again we had the exact same problems. To avoid a waterfall mess, we put the tub over our double sink, but the tub continued to leak and felt like it was going to collapse.

I used multiple social media to contact Safety 1st and mentioned the problems we were having. I also emailed the company. Twice. Three attempts, and no word from Safety 1st.

I did what I should have done in the beginning: I checked the reviews on the bathtub. Apparently, we were not the only ones having problems with this model. Complaint after complaint presented the exact issues we were having, and several stated they’d tried to contact the company as well.

I would love to report one redeeming quality with this tub, but as of yet we are unable to report a single one. I will tell you that we’ve made several of our own adjustments to the tub so that we can use it safely until we properly research a suitable replacement. Yes, even with our adjustment it still leaks, but at least with our daughter in it, we’re not worried about it collapsing. Despite the brand name, this tub is not safe and we do not recommend it to anyone.

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