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I’m not gonna lie. Momma loves her wine! In moderation, of course. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is a huge beer fan. And I’m not talking Miller Lite or Budweiser, although he does enjoy those, as well. This man will bring home beers I have never heard of, beers that taste like chocolate or pumpkin, micro brews, whatever. I’ll stick with what I know – my wine.

I was pretty excited when I found out about the new “Get Pair Savvy” tool from Real California Cheese! As it so close to the holidays, many of us have small gatherings or big parties that we’re attending. A classic hostess gift is usually a nice bottle of wine or some flavored beer, or maybe even a small gift basket with a variety of meats and cheeses. (Seriously, I’m getting hungry right now thinking about it!)

Pair Savvy wine

Before any party, try out this simple tool and I guarantee you will dazzle not only the hostess, but also the guests, with your expansive knowledge of cheese and wine (or beer!) pairings.

Holiday Gift Idea: You could create your own small and inexpensive gift baskets by using Get Pair Savvy tool to find the perfect wine and cheese pairing, throw in some fancy crackers, some cellophane and a bow and *voila*! Congratulations! You are the hit of the party!

I entered my favorite cheese, and it listed a beer, a wine, and fruit that would go well with the selected cheese! How cool is that? The site also gives instructions on how to use the tool on your phone (it works on both iPhone and Android devices) so you can have it with you while you’re shopping for the holidays! You can also save and rate pairings that you’ve tried, or select the “Surprise Pairing” if you’re feeling adventurous. And, did I mention that the app is FREE?

It’s convenient, easy to use, and will make you the hit of any party!

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