Rockboard Scooter Review: For Kids Of Every Age And Adults That Are Brave

Holiday Gift IdeasWhen my daughter gets new toys, of course, my teenage son wants nothing to do with them, with the exception of a few tech toys she has. But, any toys my son has, my daughter always wants to play with them. She wants to be just like her brother. She also loves spending time with her big brother, but there’s not a lot that they can do together. 

We were so excited to get these Rockboard Scooters because there’s a version for my older and for my younger child so they can ride together and she feels like she’s a big girl riding a scooter just like her brother’s.

Rockboard Scooters Mini and RBX

Rockboard Scooters can be used in two ways; in rock mode which moves the scooter forward by drive-chain propulsion or you can use it as a regular scooter, moving with your feet. It just takes an adjustment to make the board flat (which was a little difficult for me, not at all for my teenager who was more than glad to rub in my face that he could do it).

I loved that the kids (and even my husband and I) were able to ride the scooters right out of the box. There was very little assembly – just the handlebars needed to be placed – and we were ready to go.

There are four Rockboard Scooter models from which to choose. Rockboard Mini is perfect for kids age 5 and up (up to 92 lbs), the RBZ and RBZ for ages 8 and up with a max weight of 220 lbs, and the Original for ages 8 and up with a max weight of 200 lbs.

Rockboard Scooters are great for kids from toddler to teen

The kids had a great time and my youngest felt “cool like her brother” because she got to play with the same toy, just in a smaller size for her. When she gets a little more stable, we can raise the board so she can rock it to propel forward instead of using her feet. 

I used it and it is great exercise! I could see how it could build up your legs and my butt was a little sore the next day, but it’s simple to ride and the rock motion is super smooth.

Rockboard Scooter Mini for younger kids

Rockboard Scooters make a great gift and are great exercise for the kids and adults. They have different colors from which to choose and range in price from $99-$199, which is pretty great considering they’re two scooters in one and really grow with your child.

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