Sagely Is The Next Generation Pill Box

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Whether you take daily medications or vitamins, organizing them or even remembering to take them can be a challenge. When I’m at home, it’s not much of an issue for me, but when I travel my routine changes so I have a harder time remembering my very important medication

The traditional pill box we all think of – classic white with those tough lids to open – work fine except for those with arthritis or other dexterity issues so Sagely has created a new kind of pill box that makes it easy to see which meds you’ve taken and when and each compartment is easier to open. Sagely’s features make that traditional pill box a thing of the past.

Sagely Pill Box can help you remember your meds whenever you travel

Sagely is a pill box that consists a set of clear plastic containers that are color coded for AM and PM or can be assigned to separate family members. The lids are soft and flexible so they’re easy to open and the base is magnetic so they can be removed to bring with you when you or turn them around to track which days you’ve taken your meds.

You can use the surface area on top of each to count out your pills for each container. Then, use your finger to push the pills through the lid to their individual containers.

Sagely pill box is easy to use for those with arthritis or other dexterity issues

The containers are made of materials that food grade and BPA-Free and if you need more help remembering to take your meds, you can download the free Sagely app to send notifications to your smartphone. You can even fill in the names of your meds, the time they need to be taken, and the dosage.

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The Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer currently is priced at $34.95 on Amazon. We received a Sagely pill box to facilitate our review; all opinions are our own and were not influenced.

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