A cheesy welcome for holiday guests: Sartori Cheese review

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It never fails this time of year; as friends and family visit home for the holidays, it’s as certain as death and taxes that you’ll have at least one surprise visit. Of course, it’s usually when your house is a disaster and you’ve not yet gone grocery shopping so there’s no food or snacks in the house. There’s usually two things that we always have in our house, mostly because of the kids, and that’s cheese and crackers. Hey, don’t laugh – cheese and crackers can be quite elegant if done right!

Sartori cheese review

Product compensation disclosureWhile at BlogHer this year, I met with many brands and sampled a ton of food (poor me, right?) and one brand really resonated with me. I knew the minute I tasted Sartori Cheese, I had to include them not only in my Holiday Gift Guide but in my snacking wheelhouse, as well. This speaks volumes because I’m actually not a big fan of cheese so it has to be pretty tasty to make it to my grocery list each month.


Sartori is a fourth-generation family owned and operated award winning company that produces high quality and delicious cheeses perfect for holidays or any day. Their Black Pepper BellaVitano and Chai BellaVitano are my two favorite from their Reserve collection. The cheese has a distinctive and amazing flavor with real black pepper and Chai tea crusting the outside so not only is it delicious but it’s very pretty on display.

Sartori cheese review types of cheese

You can find a list of the cheeses available from Sartori on their site and find them in many local stores in the cheese section. Their gift box also makes a great gift for the holidays. We recommend finding a few of your favorites and picking them up, along with a fancy box of crackers or two, to keep around the house to impress surprise guests.


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