Selling Stuff On Poshmark: Tips On How To Make Money And Be Successful

How to sell and make money on Poshmark

I’ve had the Poshmark app on my phone for over a year. I’d heard of the site, I knew of its purpose but never shopped or posted. I had enough to do. Meanwhile, I was bagging clothes that my kids had outgrown and either giving them to neighbors or donating them. Sometimes, even trashing them because “who has time for that?” was my motto.

Even selling them on eBay seemed like a hassle and really, how would they see toddler clothes on a big site that sells everything from shoes to car parts?

You know what I always make time for? Making money. And with just a little bit of your time each week, you can make money selling stuff on Poshmark.

Set Up Your Poshmark Account

You first need to set up a Poshmark account if you don’t already. You can do it from the site or from the app, but if you use my link by clicking here, you’ll save $5 on your first purchase!

Your first official “listing” will actually be your profile. Choose a good, clear photo that is representative of you or your family. Make sure it’s bright, personal, and easy to see.

Once you list an item on Poshmark, all sales under $15 gives Poshmark a flat commission of $2.95. You keep the rest. For sales of $15 or more, you keep 80% of your sale and Poshmark’s commission is 20%. Once your sale has been delivered and received by your buyer, the earnings from your sale are yours.

Poshmark provides a flat rate of $6.49 for expedited shipping for all orders. Each order is shipped using 1-3 day USPS Priority Mail and shipping is paid for by the buyer.

After the buyer has received their package, they need to accept the item in Poshmark to release your funds.  In other words, the faster you get it out to them, the faster you get paid. 

Buying and selling on Poshmark. Tips on how to make the most money

Photographing Your Item

I have a few tools up my sleeve that makes my items POP and therefore, is more likely to be seen when a customer is scrolling through dozens of items.

The first thing is a well-lit photo. I also use a white or black board to take flat photos. I set it up on a table, or even the floor, near a window but not directly in the sun. Then, I take the photos with my smartphone directly through the app. (You can do this by clicking the camera with “Sell” below it in the app.

I don’t use any of the filters they offer. I want my listing photos to stay bright and clear. I also utilize AT LEAST 4 of the photo spaces the app offers, if not more. Get the item from every angle. If you can get a great photo, use an online stock photo of the product for the first photo. If there are any flaws, scrapes, dents, rips, etc. then be upfront and include those photos. Make sure the price reflects any dirt or damage. However, the more you clean up your items for sale, the more you’re likely to get for them.

If you’re able to model the items or place them on a mannequin, customers prefer this method because it helps them see how the item fits or hangs.

Details of Your Item

It’s important to fill in as many details as you can. Here are the steps to complete the details and description of your item.

  • What Are You Selling? (required)
    This is a very brief headline that describes what you’re selling and it’s what the buyer sees when they’re scrolling. Definitely keep our descriptive words like “cozy” or “beautiful” or “unique.” Keep it simple; try the brand name and what the item is, like “Old Navy vegan leather purse” or “Dooney & Bourke Leather Tote”.
  • Describe it… (required)
    Try to use a bullet points approach without actual bullet points. Keep the description short and sweet. Repeat the brief headling, describe things like the fabric and print, be clear and specific about colors (eg, maroon vs. red), and list important details such as “adjustable waistband” or “knee-length”. Include inseam measurements for pants, strap measurements for handbags, and other important details.Remember, if there are flaws, be upfront and honest and include those in the photos. I purchased a handbag that I love and gave them 5-stars for their rating because she was clear that there was some pilling at the bottom of the canvas bag.
  • Category
    Be sure to select the most obvious category for your item or it won’t appear during someone’s search. Some are very obvious, but if you get stuck, think about the category under which you would search your item.
  • Size, Brand, Color
    A size is required for items listed, but Brand and Color are optional – but they should be treated as required. You want your listing as complete as possible.For items like jewelry, belts, and handbags I select the size OS (One Size). Using the drop down options is easiest if you’re able because they’re categories that Poshmark has already created. Creating a custom size on your own might ensure that your item isn’t found in a search as easily. This is true for custom brands, too. Be sure to try to find your brand vs. creating a brand.

YOU set the price for the item, though buyers can start a negotiation with you regarding the price. You can accept the price, negotiate another, or refuse. Refusing to negotiate is never recommended. List the original price paid for it as well as you can remember because the average discount you offer on your items will be listed in your shop’s profile.

Consider in your photos or in your descriptions offering ways your buyer might style the item. Photos might include a cute pair of capris or a necklace, though you don’t have to sell the items with them, or you might have them in a separate listing.

Keeping organized to make money on Poshmark
Because I’m hyper organized and want to keep items clean and separated, I like to place each item in a bag on a hanger once it’s been laundered. That way, it stays clean and ready to ship!

Check The News, Follow Follow

Be sure to check your news feed in the app. I always follow back people who follow me, I find new people to follow, and I check for bundles.

If a customer adds something to a bundle, it means they’re hoping to buy multiple items from your shop to save on shipping. You have the option of offering a bundle discount (just click on their notification in your news feed), but it’s up to you. You can customize them or, what I prefer to do, is to go under “My Seller Discount” in the app and offer a discount percentage off of multiple items that will automatically apply when items are bundled.

Every few days, share your items with your followers. Keep an eye out for themed parties to join during which you can share your applicable items (but ONLY share them once during the party) and the last key is to stay motivated and engaged with your followers. It’s a community, and you’ll get exactly what you put into it. I wasn’t as engaged my first two weeks. Then I started following back and sharing and sold 8 items my third week.

Be sure to answer any questions Poshers have about your items as quickly as you can. You’ll see these in your newsfeed, as well.

Selling and shipping items on Poshmark

Packaging Is Everything

When you finally make that sale, package nicely. Invest in some pretty tissue paper, write a thank you note, and keep items protected by shipping them in a plastic bag before placing them in the shipping envelope. You’re more likely to get a higher rating and gain a return customer.

Always keep plenty, and a variety, of items in your store. Maintain them well, keep sharing every few days, participate in parties, and send a well-packaged item and you’ll be making money in no time on Poshmark.

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