Shoplet Roaring Spring Notebook Reviews

Roaring Spring is one of the largest independently owned producers of school and
office supplies, including paper notebooks, notepads, and tablets, construction paper, poster board, and pocket folders. But did you know they’re also the same company, and the only company I’m aware of, that also allows you take your notes on elephant poo?
No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. In fact, Roaring Spring Elephant Poo Paper is the ultimate recycled product because they use the fiber recovered from actual animal poo – now that’s what I call the circle of life! Of course, it is completely odorless and clean, and they also feature paper products that upcycle the poo from elephants, cows, horses and donkeys.
But, if writing on some poo is not your thing but you still aim to be green, perhaps sweet is the way to go. Roaring Spring Environotes Sugarcane Notebook which uses the waste material from the sugarcane refining process. The result is smooth, bright colored paper that is produced at paper mills that are also green. Get this and the Poo Paper notebook online at Shoplet.

Roaring Spring offers the same quality and focus on being green in their other non-poo, sugar-free products. I use the Roaring Spring Landscape Format Writing Pad – College Ruled at work because it’s format makes it easy to take notes and features both College Ruled and Quad Ruled options. 
Most of the Roaring Spring recycled items contain a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste that, if it had not been upcycled by the company, would typically end up in a landfill. You can find a selection of Roaring Spring products, including their elephant poo paper, online at

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