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My closet is a disaster; there are clothes that I never tried on because I was convinced they would fit, yet there they are with the tags still on. There’s clothes that are awesome, but I’ve worn a few too many times and now I’m bored with them.

I think we all have a bit of this in us. I have friends that love to shop, but wear the same things over and over. Or, sometimes they change jobs or careers and need to update their wardrobe, despite having relatively new clothes in their closet. This is where a site like Swapdom is perfect!


Swapdom allows you trade items, such as clothing or household items that you own with others. Just upload items that you want to swap – for instance, that cute jacket that you haven’t worn as often as you thought you would – and search for what you want instead. When you find that new jacket that’s even better than yours, request it, tell Swapdom what you’re offering in exchange, and click submit.

Once Swapdom finds a swap for you, they will notify you via email. You’ll log on, approve the swap, and pay for shipping. USPS or UPS will make sure packages arrive on time and provide tracking so you know just when the item you got will arrive! How easy is that?!

Sign up for free with Swapdom and check out the cool things you could have to take the place of things you don’t even use!

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