Two Sweet Secrets I’m Sharing: Perfect For Anyone’s Easter Basket Thanks To Dreamhouse

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Rite Aid. All opinions are my own.

While I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, and I only like certain sweets, occasionally I’ll find a snack that’s worth hiding from the kiddos. When I find a snack like those from Dreamhouse Fine Foods, I don’t like to share. However, I am willing to share this secret with you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. These are too good to share!

Dreamhouse Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt is worth hiding

I tend to gravitate towards salty snacks versus sweet, but these Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bars from Dreamhouse Fine Foods are a perfect mixture of both sweet and salty. The Belgian dark chocolate is mixed with delicate flakes of sea salt making a decadent snack that should be shared, but rarely is. At least not in this house.

Dreamhouse Dark Chocolate Bar 54% Cocoa with Sea Salt

Here’s an even bigger secret – Dreamhouse candy products are only found at Rite Aid. This is how I discovered them! We were picking up our prescriptions and there they were in their deep purple bags and wrappers, calling out to us. Nope, just me. It called out to me. Sorry kids. Sorry, hubby. No chocolate for you.

The Dreamhouse Dark Chocolate Bar 54% Cocoa with Sea Salt doesn’t need to be wrapped in a festive way. It needs no ribbons or bows, nor does it need to be added to a recipe to enhance its flavor. These babies are delicious all on their own.

What’s even more decadent (if that’s possible) is the Gourmet Praline Pecans from Dreamhouse Fine Foods. 

Dreamhouse Fine Foods Gourmet Praline Pecans

No photo could ever capture the sweet and salty glaze that not only adds amazing flavor to the pecan halves, but also adds a level of crunchiness that makes them the ideal salty+sweet snack.

Also available only at Rite Aid, I dare you to eat only a handful of these. I have to hide the bag from myself to keep from eating the entire thing!

Praline Pecans have become my favorite all-time snack!

Both the Dreamhouse Dark Chocolate Bar 54% Cocoa with Sea Salt and the Dreamhouse Praline Pecans are available at your local Rite Aid and make the ideal Easter basket treat. Or anytime treat. Or hiding-in-the-bathroom-from-my-kids treat. Either way…

Be sure to check out these and other Dreamhouse snacks online and at your local Rite Aid.

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