How to talk to your parents about moving closer to home #GenworthHoliday

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The holidays are here and that usually means a ton of family, followed by New Year’s Eve which usually means a ton of resolutions. When I was younger, family gatherings meant good food and seeing loved ones you’d not seen all year. New Year’s resolutions consisted of writing more letters or making sure my house was better organized. Now that I’m older, the holidays are a time that my parents start to think about treasuring each moment because they’re not sure how many they have left. Or, my parents start to talk about how many Christmases have been spent in their house and what we’ll do with it when they’re no longer able to take care of it.

parents move closer to homeI know it sounds like a depressing conversation, but it’s one that is necessary. My grandparents recently had dinner with my parents discussing their desire to sell their home – which is expansive on a large plot of land that requires a lot of maintenance – and move closer to family that could help them if they needed it. Of course, this fueled my parents’ own thoughts on what they would do once they were too old to care for their ranch.

I read an article yesterday about when and how your parents should move closer to your family. It’s a delicate conversation, especially if you’re the one approaching the subject. Long-distance caregivers are far more likely to report mental and physical stress than those who live with or near the people they’re assisting, so the move can create a much safer situation for your family. The cost of being a long distance caregiver is almost double of those caregivers who live closer to their loved ones.

The article had some amazing tips on how to approach this subject with your parents and, should you need a partner for financial planning for when you or parents need it, you can always contact the experts at Genworth Financial.

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