The 5 Best Apps For Your High School Student

High school is the gateway to college, when students start to improve their study and organization skills as they prepare for college or the workforce.

best apps for high school students

We found 5 apps that are perfect to help your high school student get more organized and find ways to study that will be more effective for them. And, when they head to college, be sure to check out the 10 apps every college student needs.

Google Drive

Google Drive App


More often, teachers and students are sharing documents via Google Drive. Last year was my son’s first year in high school and he was using Google Drive more often than I was as a blogger. It allows sharing of all types of documents, the teachers can get instant feedback on a class using forms maker, and photos and other assignments can be quickly and easily uploaded for grading.

The Homework App

Homework AppiOS/Android

For those kids that are tech savvy – and let’s face it, that’s nearly all of them – The Homework App is a visually appealing and easy to read app that allows students to color code their subjects, add subtasks, and create indications for unfinished homework and upcoming tests.

Study Blue

Study BlueiOS/Android

Make your own study sets and add recommended content as you create your flashcards. Quiz yourself, track your progress and set reminders to study what you need to know. You can even personalize your study sets with advanced formatting features, images and audio. Students can also share their flashcards with other students or search content from tens of thousands of colleges and high schools.



For students that have difficulty staying on task, this app sets their days in 30 minute increments, making tasks more manageable.




Quizlet creates study games and allows students to study with images and audio, as most learn visually. You can create your own flashcards or use cards create by others.

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