The Avengers Vault: What Secrets Are Held Inside?

I’m not sure if you’ve yet heard of the Avengers… it’s likely if you’ve never owned a television, left your house, or spoken to anyone. Thanks to Marvel, it’s cool again to love comic books and the movies on which they’re based. Films like Thor, Iron Man and, of course, Avengers: Age Of Ultron in theaters May 1. 

Author and comic book expert, Peter A. David, takes us inside the Marvel Avengers vault to give us an exclusive look inside The Avengers Vault in his new book, sure to delight any Marvel fan!

Avengers Vault

To facilitate my review, I was given a complementary copy of the book. All opinions are my own.

From a basic introduction to our favorite crime fighting team to a look at each of the key team players, including a personal dossier on each, Marvel’s The Avengers Vault is like having a peek inside the private files of Nick Fury himself. We even learn how the Avengers were formed – spoiler alert, it involves a golf ball.

Avengers Vault

Marvel’s The Avengers Vault is the perfect book for long-time fans or those who are just catching up as the Marvel Cinematic Universe closes in on Phase 3. 

Avengers Vault

The Avengers Vault is a hardcover book with beautiful glossy, full-color pages featuring The Avengers, old and new. It’s basically a timeline from introduction to recent years, covering the teams triumphs and misfortunes, heroism and sacrifice and rebirths.

Avengers Vault


There is also a removable enveloped dossier on each – Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and The Avengers as a group – with rarely seen documents that include original illustrations, pencil art, featurettes and more!

Avengers Vault


It’s a stunning visual history on the greatest superhero team in history and the reason for some of the biggest box office numbers in history. There’s even a complete list of the Avengers roster that includes founding members, the Illuminati and the Great Lakes Avengers. Really? I had no idea that we were responsible for heroes like Deadpool. 

Considering everything included in this hardcover classic, the cost of under $30 is amazing! You can purchase The Avengers Vault on Amazon or find it at a bookstore near you.

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