The Digital Way To Capture Fun #Wedding Moments: Just Twine.It!

Ask any of my and my husband’s family and friends and they’ll tell you that he and I are far from traditional. We were just married this past July in a private ceremony but waited until October to have our wedding reception. This was the original date of our wedding, but instead we opted for something, well, less traditional. 

A perfect wedding moment

This is my favorite photo of he and I on the day of our wedding. Sweet, private, and thanks to local photographer Holly Omlor, a moment that is very likely unable to be recreated. But, when it came time to celebrate – to really let loose and celebrate with family and friends – we wanted something that was unlike anything anyone has seen at other weddings.

Wedding Photo Booth is a new kind of photo booth that is ideal for weddings and events. It’s like having a photo booth and private social network in one. Your event is given a personal code for a mobile app that lets everyone see, share, upload your event photos, and comment on the photos as they happen.

I’ve been to weddings and events with a photo booth; they’re all right. I’ve never been to one that not only branded each live photo with a personalized wedding logo, but also let everyone at the event see and share to social media every photo as it the photos were being captured. photo booth for weddings and events

Our wedding reception kicked ass! Mostly because of the Photo Booth. Everyone was using it or talking about it. I didn’t feel like I missed anything as a busy bride because I could see every photo that my guests posed for and there’s even a live attendant at our booth to help those who needed it. But, most didn’t – it’s really easy to download the app and taking pictures was as easy as pushing a button.

What’s great is that, no matter how dark it got, the lighting was amazing! It’s a soft, filtered light that everyone loved – no harsh lights to make us look like we were tired or gross. There’s nothing worse than someone sharing a photo of you and hating it as soon as you see it. personal photo booth to share your photos

Once you and your guests download the app and enter your code, you’re given access to every photo that’s taken at the photo booth and you’re able to share them to social media, email them, print, or save them. Every. Photo. Think about the amount of blackmail, er, fun you could have with that power!

Don’t Forget The Props

We had some amazing photo booth props at our wedding and we highly recommend them for your event. Twine Props is the preferred vendor for Twine.It and our guests LOVED them. They really added a level of fun we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

You can rent from their website or by calling them directly. You can also buy if you want to start your own business! For information, be sure to follow on Facebook and on Twitter. I was provided with a photo booth for my event to facilitate my review, though all opinions and embarrassing photos are my own.

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