The hidden dangers of summertime fun – staying informed can save lives

The statistics are heartbreaking but luckily, completely preventable. Each year, approximately 830 children die each year from unintentional drownings. Each year approximately 3,600 non-fatal injuries occur to children 14 years old and under due to near-drowning incidents. Pools, spas and open bodies of water like lakes can be a dangerous place, especially with hidden dangers like drains.

Drains that have faulty or missing covers can attract hair, jewelry or even tiny arms and legs, causing kids to be suctioned to the drain. Most don’t even realize the severe danger that this ‘hidden hazard’ can cause.

In 2007, six-year-old Abbey Taylor died because of an improperly maintained drain in a public pool. Before her passing, she was forced to endure almost a year of hospitlization and surgeries, all because of the overwhelming suction from the pool’s drain. To honor her life, Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation was formed with the intent to educate parents and children about how to safe guard children in and around pools and bodies of water. They’re advocates for reasonable and practical laws that help make pools, spas and other swimming venues as safe as possible.

No parent should ever have to endure the loss of a child, especially when it can be prevented. You can help spread the word and become more aware of the efforts of Abbey’s Hope.

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