The #RiteAidRecharge Lounge At Blogger Bash: A Much Needed Break For Weary #Bloggers

Part of my job as a blogger is to travel, meet with brand reps, attend conferences, and discover new products and places that I can share with my readers. This month, I attended Blogger Bash, one of my favorite conferences to attend because of the wide variety of brands that are represented and the fun that always ensues.

As a Rite Aid Network Ambassador, I was thrilled that they were a major sponsor this year because Rite Aid and the team at Marc USA support bloggers in ways that many brands should. This was their first year as a sponsor at Blogger Bash, but they came well-prepared and really made an impression on every blogger that stopped by their Recharge Lounge.

Rite Aid Recharge Lounge at Blogger Bash

This is Mandy. Poor Mandy. Look at her, so miserable 🙂 

Mandy is one of my dearest friends and fellow blogger; she’s the editor of Lifesongs Of A Busy Mom. Mandy, and many other bloggers including myself, were treated to massages at the Rite Aid Recharge Lounge. This was a much needed pampering as many of us carry heavy bags, backpacks, purses and camera gear as we seek out brands that fit our audience so that we can partner with them. It’s a lot, especially over several days, so many of us – including a few brand reps – took advantage of this!

Rite Aid offered complimentary massages, refreshing cucumber and citrus water, and a candy bar! With views overlooking the Hudson, it was an amazing place to just sit and relax and the weather was perfect. Attendees could take a personality quiz to receive a customized beauty and product kit and could get their skin scanned to show the amount of skin damage they have and how to prevent further skin damage.

As you can see, the Rite Aid Recharge Lounge created quite a buzz during Blogger Bash, so it’s safe to say, it was a hit!

Rite Aid Recharge Lounge Selfie at Blogger Bash

Theresa from Making It All Work took a moment to show some love for the Rite Aid Recharge Lounge!

Rite Aid Recharge Lounge Treats

Lynda from Main Street Mama stopped by the Rite Aid Recharge Lounge to see what her beauty personality was. Based on their answers, bloggers were given a customized package of products, including mascaras, lipsticks and glosses, applicators, skin care products and more! Attendees were also treated to bags of chocolate and a delicious selection of other treats at the candy bar!

Recharge Lounge giveaway

Our friend Jessica from Mommy University got “schooled” (see what I did there) in spoiled relaxation with customized Recharge Kits and riverside massages at Blogger Bash.

Rite Aid Recharge Lounge View

Like many bloggers – and the Rite Aid reps – Pamela from Natural Organized Parent loved the views from the Rite Aid Recharge Lounge at Blogger Bash.

Did you attend Blogger Bash this year? What was your favorite part? Did you visit the Rite Aid Recharge Lounge?

3 thoughts on “The #RiteAidRecharge Lounge At Blogger Bash: A Much Needed Break For Weary #Bloggers”

  • Thank you for including me in your post. I truly loved the Rite Aid Recharge Lounge. The reps were so helpful and pleasant and the massage outside was heavenly. Rite Aid really knows how to help busy Moms and Dad’s to relax.

  • Loved their lounge! I got there as they were packing up, but the lovely folks from Rite Aid helped me get comfy and held a baby while I nursed the other. The chocolate was AMAZING, and the kits INCREDIBLE. You did a great job capturing the event! (Sad our paths didn’t cross this year!)

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