The Ultimate Personalized Gift Idea: A Collection Of Sentiments From Flatterbox

Adding someone’s names or initials to a gift definitely makes it feel far more thoughtful and premeditated. I’ve always preferred personalized gifts when I’m able because it gives the gift a level of sentimental value that a regular gift just can’t offer. 

Imagine being able to personalize a gift for someone, along with personal sentiments from their closest friends and family, that they can treasure for a lifetime. We were so excited to discover Flatterbox, so we wanted to share it with all of you!


What Is Flatterbox?

Flatterbox is this awesome personalized gift that shows your loved one not only how much they mean to you, but how much they mean to everyone in their life. 

  • Choose the box details and number of cards
  • Choose occasion and card color
  • Decide whom you’re inviting to participate
  • Sit back and enjoy reading what everyone is writing

Just set up your Flatterbox account, choose the occasion, card colors, number of cards you’d like, and send your invites. Friends and family to whom you send invites will have their own opportunity to send along a birthday greeting, an anniversary message, a thank you to a favorite teacher or school administrator, a farewell and good luck message, wedding wishes, or any number of personal messages for the recipient.

Flatterbox customization gift

Flatterbox is such a great way to have a unique reminder of how special someone is to everyone in their life. It could be for a child heading off to college or for a dear friend who found the love of her life. I’m creating one now for a very special person in my life who is lucky enough to have so many people sending both endearing and hilarious sentiments that will mean so much to them!

You can customize and order your Flatterbox online, with pricing starting at $69 for the Classic Flatterbox. Be sure to follow Flatterbox on Facebook and on Twitter for gift giving ideas.

I was given a Flatterbox to customize to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced.

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