Top 5 Aisles At Target For Awesome Summer Fun #MyTargetEssentials #TargetRun

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I am not ready for back-to-school. I tried to call the kids’ schools and ask for an extension to summer, but they weren’t going for it. I didn’t see anything in the Farmer’s Almanac about a longer summer and my internet search for an ancient Indian “Longer Summer Dance” turned up nothing. We’re stuck.

But, before summer ends, the kids and I are going to have as much fun as we can. It was time for a run to Target! There’s not a single person in this world that can walk into Target and just grab one thing. Sure, you may have gone in for a Taylor Swift CD or some pens for your desk, but we all know you walked out of there with $300 worth of home decor items. So, to help you through the rest of the summer, here are our Top 5 Aisles At Target For Awesome Summer Fun!

Top 5 Aisles At Target For Awesome Summer Fun

A Wet & Wild Summer

Target Aisle with pools for the family

From kiddie pools to large framed pools to water slides, Target has an awesome selection of pools and water toys. Pets love kiddie pools because they get hot, too, and Target even has shade pools for the little ones.

The Best Of Everything

Sidewalk chalk and kites at Target

Anytime you can go to a store that has kites, sidewalk chalk and beach toys in one aisle, you know you’re in the right place! Target is the perfect place to stock up before or during your vacation – that last hoorah before your little ones (or big kids) head back to school. Heck, after they’ve gone back, you can use their sandbox as your own Zen garden.

The #TargetEssentials Of Life

bug spray and sunscreen at Target

Don’t let the sun and mosquitos ruin your summer fun! We found adorable Peanuts-themed sunscreen on our last trip to Target and this time, we stocked up on the mosquito sprays and lamps, thanks to a massive amount of rain lately. We have mosquitos everywhere, but they’re not biting us now.

Life Is A Picnic

Picnic blankets and supplies at Target

One of my favorite places to stop – no matter which Target I’m shopping – is the first aisle in the home section that faces the back. At least, that’s where it is in our store, but it’s the aisle you see that features the summer or holiday dishes, cups and, in this case, picnic blankets and baskets. Who doesn’t love a late summer or early fall picnic? And you can find awesome serving dishes here for your next party!

The One Spot You’ll Want To Stop

The One Spot

The One Spot is the kids’ favorite place to stop. This is at the front of the store and this time of year, has an amazing selection of summer goods. We found a badminton set and a La Crosse set for $3 each. We also found sidewalk chalk, stuff for indoor crafts and a ball for $1 each. This is the ideal spot for inexpensive gifts or party favors or stuff to keep kids busy while traveling.

So what’s your #TargetRun look like for summer? Which are your favorite aisles to hit when you visit Target?


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