TYLT PowerPlant sure to be a favorite for techy travelers

While visiting CES this year, I was excited by the amount of cool technology. It can be overwhelming for any seasoned CESer, but for a newbie, it was like being a 3-year-old walking through a vast Santa’s Workshop. It made it easier that I was specifically searching for technology that would make my life easier as a blogger or as a parent. TYLT is one company that I had my eye on at CES not only for their fun, bright colored products (makes them much easier to find) but for their convenient technology.


The TYLT (pronounced ’tilt’) PowerPlant allows tech-loving travelers to stay charged and connected, whether in Vegas for CES or at the coffee shop down the street. The PowerPlant fits in your hand and features a USB output for charging products like the iPhone or tablet, a micro USB port for charging your PowerPlant, and a flex arm with micro USB for charging Android phones. Of course, these configurations can vary per model to suit your needs, but the general idea is connectivity with convenience.

The PowerPlant’s high capacity battery is usually enough to charge your phone twice before having to be recharged itself, which means you can make it a day or more fully connected to email and social media, no matter where you are. It’s also designed to hold a charge for over a year, so it’s not a major concern if you forget to recharge it if it doesn’t get used.

PowerPlant Features

It’s far lighter than carrying a power bag and much less of a headache than carrying multiple charging cords, the TYLT PowerPlant is sure to be a favorite of bloggers traveling techies everywhere. It’s also rechargeable for over 500 cycles whether you’re fully charging the unit or just ‘topping it off.’ The PowerPlant starts at $69.99 online. You can follower TYLT on Facebook and on Twitter and you can see their line of products on their site.

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