The Ultimate #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy Fan Collection: FREE DOWNLOADS

Guardians of The Galaxy
Everyone in this household has waited a long time for the release of this year’s hottest film, Guardians Of The Galaxy. The all-star cast, the film’s appeal to men and woman, geek and non-geek, and the overall success that Marvel has had with comic book-based films.

The movie’s opening weekend saw numbers that were well over what anyone expected and has created fans of the comic book anti-heroes well before they were a blockbuster hit.

So for fans, old and new, we’ve created the ultimate fan toolbox with the help from our friends at Disney and Marvel. We have activity sheets, coloring pages, games, movie posters, a spaceship console for building your own ship, space badges for your own team of heroes, concept art and more!

All items are FREE to download!

Guardians of The Galaxy Activity Sheets

Guardians of The Galaxy Concept Art and Photos

Guardians of The Galaxy – Fun Facts!

Guardians of The Galaxy Movie Posters

Guardians of The Galaxy Vintage Art

You also have a special sneak peek tour of The Milano, Peter Quill’s ship!

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